Gas Solutions

"We supply gases that are vital to modern processes"

Gas is an essential resource for modern society and its supply and distribution are cornerstones of our business.

Our commitment is to contribute to society by providing the gases safely together with efficient gas supply systems.

TOYOKO KAGAKU CO., LTD. has provided gas systems to many industries including: fuel supply, food production, welding, medical science, biology, chemistry, communications, semiconductor, liquidcrystal, photovoltaic, logistics, environment, nuclear energy, oceanographic, aerospace, agricultural improvements, and the sports and leisure field.

The numbers of industries using gas supply and distribution systems are practically unlimited. We continually research updated gas requirements for application in new fields which need stable supply, security and advanced features.

Equipment Solutions

"TOYOKO KAGAKU is known to the market as a leading supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment"

We are proud to provide our state-of-the-art equipment, whose production is guided by our concept of "Easy Operation and Safety" through every step of our operation, from design, to manufacturing, to sales, installation and service.

Our many years of experience in this field is reflected in the superior technology of our designs and our manufacturing processes.And, recently we have also applied this expertise to equipment specifically designed for the smaller scale needs of R&D and specialty manufacturing.

Component Solutions

"We provide various types of components that can be made a part of the customer’s total system"

TOYOKO KAGAKU CO., LTD. gathers domestic and worldwide information relating to progressive technologies and offers various and select components specially designed to meet the needs of each customer.  We use our many years of experience and acquired knowledge to select from a wide range of components in order to support our customers’ businesses.

We provide the most efficient components, those that have been evaluated and consolidated by long-term use in field. This is an important factor in assisting our customers' business to expand and develop.

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