Helium Recovery Systems

System Outline

Helium(He) gas has many uses including the parts leak test. The system controlls the helium gas (gaseous) concentration and recycles the gas.
All of our systems are designed and manufactured to customer's requests.


Helium(He) gas has been in short supply in the world.
By recycling ,this system can reduce soaring prices and supply shortage.


High precision monitoring of concentration
Can control recoverd helium(He) gas at a set concentration and stable supplys
Available for many kinds of helium(He) concentration
Won't be affected by exhaust gas condition
Available for continuous gas emition and intermittent gas emition, therefore is possible to build the system which matches customer's production process
Available for many kinds of exhaust gas components
Can remove oil mist, moisture, metal, and produced gas to improve purity Based on exhaust gas analysis, we will design the most suitable system
System has a high life span
System keeps expenses to the utmost low by selecting ideal equipment for helium(He) gas compression and generation
On-site supply
We have a business model that manages the system and supplys regulated concentration gas to customers
Recovery rate over 90%
Recovery rate of over 90% due to being designed to prevent exhaust gas emission to the utmost
We can also install the helium(He) gas vaccum function on your work-piece

Helium Recovery Systems Image

Helium Recovery Systems Image The helium recovery system is for recovering helium exhaust gas (gaseous) and controlling the concentration while recycling the resource.

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