Liquid Leak Sensor

The definite solution for detecting the liquid leakage…

Swiftly, accurately and even small drip of the leakage is detected.

Photo-electric Leak Sensor avoids complex the adjusting procedure for any of the specific kinds of liquids.
Reset process is also very simple and quick by several seconds.

Toyoko Kagaku releases the most sophisticated Liquid Leak Sensor by its excellent experience and architecture with patented liquid detecting principal.
The application of this versatile sensor has expanded to semiconductor, LCD and other many fields by the admitted high performance.
Leak Sensor has the following four series of the types:

Standard Liquid Leak Sensor

Standard Liquid Leak Sensor
・Patented Photo-electric detecting method
・Very easy setting and resetting
・No adjusting procedure for any liquid
・Wide range of application even corrosive liquidcharacteristics.

Failsafe Design Liquid Leak Sensor

Failsafe Design Liquid Leak Sensor
・Advanced model adding failsafe functions
・Electrical failure or short/cut circuit is self-alarmed

Buzzer Alarm Liquid Leak Sensor

Buzzer Alarm Liquid Leak Sensor
・Optional function of the alarm buzzer is built-in
・The buzzer sound notices the exact point of leak
・Good application for large factory or equipment
For overseas standards and restrictions

・The following overseas standard certifies the products. UL, EN (CE Marking)
・EU-RoHS can be complied. Please contact us for details.

Model Descriptions
RS-1000 Controller RS-1000 Series
RS-1000* Detection Unit
RS-1000*A Detection Unit
RS-1500*A Detection Unit
RS-2000 all models RS-2000 Series
RS-3000 all models RS-3000 Series
RS-3500 all models
RS-3000BZ all models RS-3000BZ Series

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