Failsafe Design Liquid Leak Sensor

For the advanced performance is added to Standard Liquid Leak Sensor, RS-2000 series has self diagnostic function for alarming the electric failure or wiring error by short circuit or cut circuit, as realizing ‘Failsafe’ property to the system.

RS-2000 Series

・RS-2000 detects liquid leak, also breaking of wire and short circuit. Then alarm.
・RS-2000 can provide superior safety system than RS-1000 by this diagnostic function.


RS-2000 Series Detection Unit

  RS-2000F RS-2000P RS-2000FP RS-2000PP
Supply Voltage 5 DCV ±5%
Power Consumption 20mA max
Indication of LED Red: Leakage , Green: Normal , Off: Power Failure
Ambient Temperature -10~60 deg C (14~140 deg F)
Connection with
Control Unit
All Detection Unit must be used with RS-2000C or RS-2000CA Control Unit
Material Case PFA PP PFA PP
Water Proof Sealed
Silicon Stuffed
Silicon Stuffed
Weight Appx,50g Appx,50g
Absorbent Paper Required Not Required
Selectable Bracket P/N-6417, P/N-6418, P/N-6419 P/N-6416, P/N-6420B

RS-2000 Series Control Unit

RS-2000 Series Control Unit
  RS-2000C RS-2000CA
Input Voltage 24 VDC ± 10%
Power Consumption 100mA below 200mA below
Alarm Indication LED for Leakage Red: Leakage, Failure
Off: Normal, Power Outage
LED for Failure Red: Failure
Off: Normal
Discrimination Detection Yes
Ambient Temp. -10~60 deg C (4 ~ 140 deg. F)
Number of Input for Detection Unit 1 8
Max Detection Unit per Input 1
Relay Contact Outputs Numbers 1 9 (8 for Leakage, 1 for Failure)
Capacity 24VDC 1A max(resistance load)
Status Normal: Closed
Leakage/Failure Alarm: Open 
Power Outage: Open
Case Material ABS Polymer
Weight 100g 330g

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