Comprehensive coverage of industrial gases

Through our total gas management (TGM) covering the supply of industrial gases as well as their scrubbing, recycling, disaster prevention, and environmental measures in an integrated manner to meet customer needs, we have provided unique services with a proven track record in industrial gases for more than half a century.

We handle the entire process from procurement and installation of necessary equipment to start-up in line with our customers’ plant construction. We can also dispatch an engineer to be stationed for safety management and daily inspection as well as submit required government notifications and provide safety training.

The handling of gases requires special know-how; outsourcing this work reduces equipment management costs and raises efficiency. This is a merit of TGM.

  • Scrubber system/Purifier
  • Process equipment
  • Total gas monitoring system
  • Piping/valve box
Comprehensive coverage of industrial gases
  • Gas /chemical liquid
  • Gas supply equipment
  • Liquid leak sensor/liquid detecting sensor
  • Gas panel/valve box

Installing merit

We support gas supply and exhaust system of plants through planning of construction to residential services after starting up.
We offer daily inspection, periodic maintenance and trouble shooting and it will result in general cost merit.
We make efforts to construct the best equipments and systems to meet the needs of customer by comprehending domestic and foreign industrial gas products.
Able to integrate the cost management and terms of contract by putting together the management of equipments maker.

Construction flow

Construction flow

Consulting Service

We support with industrial gas supply・exhaust gas system design through planning to proposing.

  • Scheduling master plan to construct the gas supply and exhaust system
  • Supporting business plan
  • Selecting TGM system
  • Simulation of TGM system
  • Modeling TGM cost
  • Manage the daily inspection・regular maintenance
  • Integrated cost management of facilities・running

Engineering Service

We construct the system and solve problems to achieve the concept at the time of plant designing.

  • Considerate the specification of equipments
  • Selecting the specification of industrial gases
  • Putting facility utility together
  • Designing safety interlock
  • Designing automatic plant system
  • Efficient supply system
  • Efficient exhaust system

Design service

Detailed investigation of facility design and constructions.

  • Deciding facility specification
  • Constructing the start-up plant project system
  • Construct the way of material procurement and management
  • Designing piping and wiring construction
  • Design the Hook up construction
  • Selecting materials of piping and wiring

Start up plant service

We offer the service to manage and construct through delivering, installing, constructing to adjusting trial operation.

  • Management of construction site safety and progress
  • Deliver and install facilities
  • Management of piping and wiring
  • Supply and manage materials
  • Manage process of each construction
  • Inspect piping and wiring
  • Adjusting trial run of equipments
  • The efficiency test of equipments
  • Testing general inert lock
  • Operation training

Dispatching stationed service

We provide prompt response to daily troubleshooting, daily operation, and maintenance by stationing at customer site.

  • Replacing gas cylinder
  • Daily inspection of system
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reporting and analyzing
  • Maintenance diagnosis
  • Suggesting to reduce the running cost
  • Safety education
  • Counseling about gases

Grobal Network

Grobal Network
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