Gas Supply System

Gas Cabinet / BSGS(Bulk Specialty Gas System)

Our cylinder cabinet has been developed under the basic policies "to strage special material gas safely" and "supply steadily", in order to satisfy strict needs of the industry. This functional cylinder cabinet, interfaced with gas and electronics, has materialized higher safety and compactness to ensure safer operations.
It is most advanced fully automatic cylinder cabinet that is the fruit of modern technologies.

Our sales record of cylinder cabinet with high quality and reliability exceeds 2,000 sets (for more than 15 years).
Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything you need to know about prices, delivery, and so on. We promise
most appropriate selection of specification to satisfy customers' needs.

Gas Experience

No. Gas Name No. Gas Name
1 Ar Argon 28 H2 Hydrogen
2 AsH3 Arsine 29 H2S

Hydrogen sulfide

3 B2H6 Diborane 30 H2Se

Hydrogen Selenide

4 BCL3

Boron Trichloride

31 HBr

Hydrogen Bromide

5 C2F6


32 HCL

Hydrogen Chloride

6 C2HF5


33 He Helium
7 C3F6


34 HF

Hydrogen fluoride

8 C3F8

Octafluoro Propane

35 HI

Hydrogen Iodide

9 C3H8 Propane 36 Kr Krypton
10 C4F6


37 N2 Nitrogen
11 C4F8


38 N2O

Nitrous Oxide

12 C5F8

Octafluoro cyclopentene

39 Ne Neon
13 CCL4

Carbon Tetrachloride

40 NF3

Nitrogen Trifluoride

14 CF4

Carbon Tetrafluoride

41 NH3 Ammonia
15 CH2F2


42 NO

Nitric Oxide

16 CH3F


43 O2 Oxygen
17 CH3OH


44 PH3 Phosphine
18 CH4


45 SF6

Sulfur Hexafluoride

19 CHF3


46 Si2H6 Disilane
20 CL2 Chlorine 47 SiCL4 Tetrachlorosilane
21 CLF3

Chlorine Trifluoride

48 SiF4


22 CO

Carbon monoxide

49 SiH(CH3)3


23 CO2

Carbon Dioxide

50 SiH2CL2


24 F2 Fluorine 51 SiH4


25 F2+Ar+Ne


52 SiHCL3


26 F2+Kr+Ne


53 WF6

Tungsten Hexafluoride

27 GeH4 Germane 54 Xe Xenon

Features of Full-auto Gas Cabinet

1. LCD touch panel control

Control would be done by the touch panel installed on the front door in an interactive way in order to prevent miss operation.

2. Automatic Purge

Auto purge function mounted for operation of safety management and gas purity maintenance.

3. Automatic leak check measurement

Auto leak check measurement function mounted that will check both by decompression and pressurization.

4. Automatic change

Automatic change operation enabled by standing-by the other cylinder after supply.

5. Load cell less tare display

Weight monitor is interior content display enabled, in case of load cell option.

6. Log management

Alarm, air supply and leak check log management function mounted.

Gas Cabinet appearance

Gas Cabinet appearance

Gas Cabinet

Gas Cabinet

BSGS appearance



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