Valve manifold box/panel (VMB/VMP)


Through our experiences of handling gases, we have acquired the knowledge to design and manufacture gas panel (gas box) of EPI system and MOCVD, material supply system etc.
Achievements in our business, we are able to design and manufacture to meet customer’s request (price and specification). We can handle the hub ring air supply of liquefied gases not just only normal gases. We also support with var-ous kind of legal application.


■System design to meet customer’s request
■ Independent control system including control system
■Support various kind of laws and conditions, also application
■Able to handle downsized and large-sized


It supplies gases divergently to production system or chamber.
VMB…value manifold box VMP…value manifold panel

Gas Cabinet

Installing system merit

  • zoom Installing system merit

    1.In case of expanding or reducing the supply destination, VMB is able to conduct the piping expanding construction and removable operation at the 2nd side.

  • zoom Installing system merit

    2.The system can supply gases divergently to multiple productive system or chamber. It will result in reducing costs such as the number of supply system.

  • zoom Installing system merit

    3.If the gas leaks from one supply destination, VMB port is needed to cut off. There is no need to cut off the supply source (cylinder cabinet). The supply destination can keep continuously supplying and resulting in holding the damage to a minimum loss.

  • 4. Having various kind of function in the system, it makes it possible to meet the condition of each supply required gases.

main function

・N2 purging ・pressure transmitter ・pressure ・port cut off
・VG bent ・expanding port

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