High purity, specialty gas engineering

Gas supply system and engineering that support technology of electronics industry.

In the diversified electronics industry using more highly integrated and subtle semiconductor technologies, customer needs higher quality and higher reliability for gas supply.
To respond to these requirements, we provide fully integrated gas supply system that meet safety and environmental requirements from the initial supply to the final exhaust gas treatment.

Our products of specialty gas supply system

Toyoko Kagaku provides Turnkey project that include system planning, design, manufacturing, procurement, constructing, setting up and maintenance of equipments, delivery and replacement of cylinders, etc.
This integrated system offers various advantages such as shortening of project schedule, centralization of resposibilities, rationalization and cost-down that are usually difficult if orders are separately made for design, construction etc.

Toyoko Kagaku deals with following gases.
Please contact us for details as some gases may not be offered directly.

Gas Supply System
  • ・Gas cabinet for specialty gas
  • ・Gas rack
  • ・Gas mixer
  • ・TEOS supply unit
  • ・TCS supply unit
  • ・CH3OH supply unit
  • ・Ultra low temperature gas generator
  • ・Ultra high pressure gas leakcheck unit etc・・・
Valve manifold box/panel (VMB/VMP)
  • ・VMB
  • ・VMP
  • ・Tee-unit (expansion port box)
  • ・Gas stick
  • ・Tool gas box
  • ・Back up unit etc・・・
Scrubber system/Purifier
  • ・Bulk gas purifier
  • ・Specialty gas purifier
  • ・Purifier for stepper
  • ・High purity air purifier
  • ・Purifier for welding machine
  • ・Back up unit etc・・・
  • ・LCD scrubber system
  • ・Photovoltaic scrubber system
  • ・VENT Scrubber system
  • ・Emergency scrubber system
  • ・PFC scrubber system
  • ・Dry pump equipped scrubber system
  • ・Lower water scrubber system
  • ・Back up unit
  • ・SiO2 collecting system etc・・・
Gas Detector System
  • ・Gas detector
  • ・Portable gas detector
  • ・Environmental gas detector etc・・・
Total Gas Monitoring System
  • ・Total monitoring system
  • ・Gas center monitoring system
  • ・Gas leakage monitoring system
  • ・Gas cabinet monitoring system etc・・・
Tool Hook Up Construction
  • ・Specialty gas
  • ・Bulk gas
  • ・Vaccum pipe
  • ・SUS/PVC exahust pipe
  • ・Duct etc・・・

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