Chemical Flow Control System

This system realizes very precise in-line blending by controlled constant flow of 2 or more chemicals. This system is mainly developed for CMP slurry supply and also available to use blending multiple chemicals, precise dilution of acid and so on. This system has following advantages compare with conventional blending method.

1. No need Pre-cleaning of blending tank before each blending process.
2. Smaller system size
3. Less chemical consumption

Chemical Flow Control System


・Minimum chemical residue
・Precise flow rate control for blending and supply
・Easy operation by using Touch Panel interface
・Automatic cleaning function


・2-3 multiple chemical blending (STD)
・Blending and supply rate: 50-1000ml/min


・CMP slurry blending and supply
・Chemical supply with constant flow rate


・Dimension: 600(W) x 350(D) x 1750(H)
・DIW: PVDF 15A Flange
・CDA: 1/4” Swagelok ≥0.5MPa
・Exhaust: 65A PVC Pipe
・Drain: VP16 Socket
・Power: AC100V Max.0.5kVA

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